Election Situation Room Report – English

Election Situation Room Report – English

The Somalia Civil Society Election Situation Room (ESR) is a platform for the coordination and analysis of election-related conflict during Somalia’s 2021-22 indirect elections. The Election Situation Room was established in January 2021 by the Somalia-Non-State Actors (SONSA), PUNSAA and EISA Institute for the period during the parliamentary and presidential elections in Somalia. This network aimed to enhance collaboration and combine this with proactive advocacy to promote a peaceful election, increased participation of women and rapid responses to disputes. This report and recommendations provide an analysis of the findings of the ESR conflict monitoring during the electoral period. The platform monitored all four elections including those to the Upper House, Lower House, as well as the speaker and deputy speaker elections, and the presidential elections to assess six major conflict triggers.

As part of the mandate of the Somalia Civil Society Election Situation Room, the network monitored indirect elections for the Upper House, Lower House, speakers and deputy speakers, and the president, against six conflict triggers contributing to, or mitigating against, violence in elections that included 1) the strength of the legal system providing for clear rules-based electoral competition; 2) the credibility of the electoral management bodies and the levels of professionalism, transparency, and confidence that stakeholders have in the management of elections 3) compliance with the rules and consistency in their implementation 4) access for civil society and the media 5) levels of inclusion especially of women; and 6) an independent and affordable right of appeal for anyone that seeks redress to an administrative decision.




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