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The core mandate of SONSA is focused on the policy initiation, participation in formulation and support implementation with diverse Non – State Actors on behalf of our members and the people of Somalia. We bring together the business community, NGOs, professional institutions to rebuild the country. Our efforts are intended at supporting and strengthening key governance institutions needed to peacefully navigate the country away from potential conflict and ensure durable societal transformations occur in key economic, political and social fronts;

  1. Improved social cohesion by promoting security, peace building and conflict prevention by management of tensions, and reaching political agreements
  2. Conduct advocacy on the national parliament and state and local authorities to pass legalisation based on informed policies
  3. Identifying localised key policy guidelines and initiatives for growth and addressing poverty related challenges such as food security, health, education, transport, water, energy, human rights among others
  4. To initiate policies that support production and marketing of local products in improved trade relationship
  5. By supporting local initiatives; non state actors and civil institutions access resources and building their capacities to effective grant and resource management to enhance their participation in national development