CSO and traditional Elders Consultation meeting on Somalia and Somaliland talks

CSO and traditional Elders Consultation meeting on Somalia and Somaliland talks

In June 22, 2019, Somali None State Actors (SONSA)  and Traditional elders  Council organized one day consultative meeting on Somalia and Somali-land  talks  among  various civil society members  including women  and traditional elders . The major objective of the consultation meeting was to have the a common view point of CSO and traditional elders on the issues of re-establishment of Somalia and Somaliland talks and how those groups can play a vital role and offering space where they can participate in peace-talks by both Federal Government and Somali-land Administration.

The one day themes of discussions highlighted  key issues that covers the the causes of the conflict, how the talks can be re-established,the challenges to be considered and possibilities to overcome, the role of traditional elders  and CSO  including women groups and finally  the best approach to take that peace building process.

on the conclusion of  the consultation Meeting , participants produced a communique with the fllowing recommendations:-

  1. The federal government in collaboration with traditional leaders (Duubs/Sultans) has to start concrete reconciliation in the country especially in southern regions of Somalia to have common voice to start the dialogue with Somali-land.
  2. Establish task force to re-establish peace building dialogue for Somalia and Somali-land.
  3. Strength and consider the role of Duubs/Sultans for the peace building dialogue because they are  customary leaders that can directly contact with their counterparts in other side.
  4. The traditional leaders, civil society groups, women groups and business have to  also start dialogue with their counterparts in Somali-land and federal government have to support that effort
  5. Promote and consider the role of women in the dialogue because they are the thread and neck that easily tights people in both sides
  6. There should be a consultation meeting between federal government, Duubs/sultans and other civil society groups to discuss the possible and mechanism to re-start the Somalia and Somali-land peace building process.
  7. The federal government should not politicize and intervene humanitarian and development projects in Somali-land. They should also release if there is any suspended projects.

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